What is Global Health Week?

Duke University’s Global Health Week (GHW) is the largest collaborative event by the student global health community, a network of over 20+ student organizations. It has been held annually since the idea was conceived by the former Duke Global Health Student Action Committee after the untimely passing of the late Aalok Modi in 2008. Students come together to organize various activities educating and engaging the Duke community in global health on campus through interactive discourse and beautifully crafted displays. Through their respective groups, students come together to explore the world’s greatest health problems and their possible solutions.

GHW is also annually host to a variety of internationally renowned speakers who play a key role in the progress and improvement of health worldwide.  Past speakers have included individuals such as Julio Frenk, Dean of the Harvard School of Public Health and former Mexican Minister of Health, Dr. Vikram Patel, the world’s chief global mental health authority, and Dr. Peter Mugyenyi, leading Ugandan AIDS clinician and director/founder of the Joint Clinical Research Centre.

Every year the Duke Global Health Week changes in style and content but keeps the passion of global health alive on campus.  We hope you can come by every year and explore the events through a weekly immersion to discover how global health can even be your lifelong passion.

Historically, the following student organizations have been a part of one or more  Global Health Week(s) over the years:

Duke Partnership for Service, Environmental Alliance, Duke Refugee Aid, WISER, Amnesty International, DIRA, Discover Worlds, Progressive Health Partnership, Engineers Without Borders, Engineering World Health, Prospective Health Care Club, Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, Millennium Villages Project, Duke Durham Hunger Alliance, Nourish International, Muslim Students Association, Project HEAL, Team HBV, Know Your Status, Duke Global Medical Brigades, Duke Red Cross, Operation Smile, FIMRC, Remedy, Duke Friends of Israel, Healthy Devils, Dream Corps, Duke Students for Humane Borders, Student Global AIDS Campaign, HANDs, DreamCorps, Adopt-A-Grandparent, Duke-Carolina Student Basketball Marathon, McKids, FACE AIDS, OECD, GlobeMed, Duke Africa, and more.

Global Health Week has evolved to be supported by many Duke University institutions over the years as well. Dr. Anthony So and the Program on Global Health & Technology Access in the Sanford School of Public Policy have provided years of guidance and mentoring even prior to the first Global Health Week.  The Duke Global Health Institute’s unyielding support, encouragement, and coordination have allowed Global Health Week to flourish in recent years. The Student Organization Financing Committee (SOFC) of Duke Student Government (DSG) has also made Global Health Week possible every year.


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