Day 1- Maternal and Child Health Day

Join us for an exciting exploration of Maternal and Child Health on April 2nd on the statue quad (11am-3pm).  Pick up a “passport” from the dPS team, then bring your handout to be signed at all of the stations to win a prize!


Project Heal is organizing a table with a card materials that students and passerby can write quick notes to the mothers at PH’s work sites for mother’s day. There will be some templates and also a couple large poster boards so everyone can participate, whether they just want to write a quick note or design a full card! PH will collect all of the cards and deliver them to the mothers at El Centro and DCRC where they volunteer (and possibly bring some to Honduras during their summer trip).

Duke Engineers for International Development will be hosting a water filter construction station where people can make their own water bottle filters. This will help participants understand the engineering principles behind DEID’s work. Participants will also be given the opportunity to contribute to DEID’s overseas endeavors by donating to our organization (FLEX or cash). If they wish, students who donate will have their name written on a water drop-shaped paper cutout, which will be pasted on a poster in the shape of a water storage tank. As donors move us toward our goal of filling the “water tank” up with names, their contributions towards our travel expenses will also help move us closer to the communities we aim to benefit.

WISER wants to challenge everyone to test their knowledge of the issues that WISER addresses. Come see how much you know about HIV/AIDS, education, gender inequality, poverty, and other important topics! Participants can also support the WISER school in Kenya by purchasing one of our famous, incredibly comfortable, WISER t-shirts!

GlobeMed will aim to highlight certain global health inequities with a focus on cervical cancer and domestic violence. They are focusing on these two issues since they are currently working on improving them in Nicaragua with our partner grass root organization, Salud Sin Límites. The GlobeMed display will include a matching game with graphs of health metrics such as DALYs and mortality rate from different countries around the world for an interactive and visual demonstration of these inequities. They will also include information about why these inequities occur, focusing on Nicaragua as an example, and how we can work to improve them.

Progressive Health Partnership (PHP) will be handing out colored squares of paper and asking passers-by to write a sentence/draw a picture describing why maternal health is important to them. When they’re done PHP tape these squares together to form a paper “quilt” showing what maternal health means to the Duke community. They will also be selling snacks/beverages to raise money for Progressive Health Partnership community partners in Uganda.


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