Day 1 – Global Health at Home


As part of Global Health Week, Global Health at Home kicks off this event with an interactive basketball contest, candy and informational card handouts, patient art displays, an interactive mural painting, and a food drive. We hope to provide insight on the daily difficulties of the elderly and raise awareness of food deserts around Durham, NC and other areas around us. With the art displays and mural, we hope to shed light on the daily lives of people coping with chronic illnesses. The food drive will last throughout the entire Global Health Week, with the focus of helping to overcome food deserts through student donations. In summary, our event focuses on the elderly, chronic illnesses, and food deserts in the Durham community.

Collaborating student groups: McKids, Duke-Durham Hunger Alliance, HANDs, Duke Carolina Basketball Marathon, and Adopt-a-Grandparent.

Detailed Schedule:
Location – Bryan Center Plaza
Time -2-4 PM
Events –

  1. TROSA band (Duke-Durham Hunger Alliance & McKids)
  2. Interactive basketball contest, for awareness of terminal illnesses and conditions affecting patients from children to seniors (Duke Carolina Student Basketball Marathon & Adopt-a-Grandparent)
  3. Food desert awareness through candy-card handouts and food drive (Duke-Durham Hunger Alliance & McKids)
  4. Patient art displays (HANDs) – inside the BC
  5. Interactive mural painting (HANDS) – inside BC or on BC Plaza

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