Day 2 – Innovation & Sustainability


Innovation & Sustainability day is featuring a world map highlighting activities each group is undertaking in their respective countries around the planet. This day is filled with interactive games such as guessing the number of condoms in a jar or racing against the clock to find information about what you’re most passionate about. Conceptualize the challenges of clean drinking water through simultaneous events while engaging with hands-on activities. Don’t miss learning about how we can reduce the harmful impact of our lifestyle on the global population and the potential of mobile phone technology to revolutionize healthcare access in remote regions in the world. Participants will also have a “passport” and show that they went to each station for a cool prize!

Collaborating Student Organizations: FACE AIDS, Environmental Alliance, The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Progressive Health Partnership (PHP), Duke Engineers for International Development (formerly EWB), and GlobeMed

Detailed Schedule:
Location – Main Quad
Time – 11 AM – 3 PM
Events –

1. The vast majority of people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa are between the ages of 15 and 49; this greatly affects labor, and thus economic activity, throughout the continent.  One scarce, but effective, technique of reducing transmission is through use of condoms.  And so, FACE AIDS cordially invites you and your friends to come find out about our organization AND to take a guess as to the number of condoms in a large glass jar, with the winner taking all!

Together, we can face anything.  Together, we can FACE AIDS.  

2. One out of eight people in the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. Step into their shoes as you race through an obstacle course, filter water, and bring it back home before the sun goes down. Or if you’d rather apply your engineering skills, take on the role of one of millions of environmental refugees who have been displaced by natural disasters as you build a shelter out of sticks and branches.

Environmental Alliance is about more than hugging trees – we’re about reducing the harmful impact of our lifestyle on the global population. Come learn how you can reduce your impact.

3. OECD invites students to race against the clock to find a certain set of information, correlating to what you’re most passionate about. Those who beat the time limit are eligible for a prize! At this stall OECD will also present statistics about the sustainability of fair trade coffee at Duke, and how it affects you, the student consumer

4. Mobile phone technology has the potential to revolutionize healthcare access in remote regions of the developing world. In rural Uganda, PHP is using cell phones to facilitate maternal health services.  Students will have the opportunity to learn more about this program and use their own phones to embark on a virtual “scavenger hunt”.

5. Join Duke Engineers for International Development (DEID) in making functional mini water filters from recycled bottles and other supplies. Worldwide, billions of people lack reliable access to safe drinking water, causing some of the most preventable illnesses.  While building your own personal usable filter, learn about the limitations of technology, necessary local design considerations, and a little bit more about our organizations DEID and Engineers Without Borders (EWB).


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