Day 4 – Maternal & Child Health


Maternal and Child Health Day will be working to raise awareness about issues affecting the health and well-being of women and children in low-resource settings.  To educate students about the hardships girls face, there will be a ‘development path’ consisting of laminated stickers affixed to walkways that will represent different life stages of a healthy girl and of an unhealthy girl.  These stickers will contain informative statistics meant to highlight the disparity between the two life-paths.  Additionally, a tree on the main quad will have paper chains descending from it that students will add to, with each chain representing a thing that a student is grateful that their mother did for them.  In the afternoon there will be various activities on the main quad hosted by FIMRC, PHP, WISER, Project HEAL, and Operation Smile.  These activities include onesie decorating, surgical gown painting, and letter-writing.  To finish the day, a documentary by the organization Women in War Zones will be screened.  Dr. Luhiri, a Congolese doctor who has experienced these atrocities first hand, will host a discussion following the screening about the health and human rights issues that women in conflict areas face.

Collaborating Student Organizations: FIMRC, PHP, Wiser, Operation Smile, Project HEAL

Detailed Schedule:
Location:  the main quad
Time: See Events for Timings

  • Development Path (all day): laminated posters on the ground take students through the lives of girls from infancy to adulthood.  One path represents a healthy girl, another path represents a girl encountering the issues one might be faced with in a low-resource setting.  Each sticker with depict the silhouette of a girl at a specific stage in her life accompanied by a fact or statistic about that stage.
  • Family Tree (12pm onwards): Students can fill out something that they are thankful that their mother did for them on a slip of paper.  These slips will be stapled as rings to a chain hanging around the trunk of a tree on the main quad.
  • Mosquito net ‘corkboard’ (12pm-4pm):  Students will attach notecards with answers to various global health questions to a mosquito net draped over a tent.   The display will include photos and information about PHP’s work in Uganda.  Additionally, students will have the opportunity to answer questions on video for PHP to use in the production of a mini-documentary.
  • Decorating onesies (12pm-4pm):  FIMRC will set up a table with puffy paint and onesies on the plaza to allow students walking by to decorate one for a new mother to be distributed by the “Welcome Baby” program. Along with onesie decorating, they will create a handout on maternal and neonatal/prenatal health issues whichplague women in the Durham area especially.
  • Adopt a WISER girl (12pm-4pm):  Students can write letters to WISER girls or pin a ‘leaf’ of support to the WISER tree.
  • Surgical gown painting (12pm-4pm):  Operation Smile will have students decorate t-shirts that will be used as surgical gowns.


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