Day 5 – Social Justice & Advocacy


The day will be devoted to shedding light on the ongoing struggle for equal health rights and opportunities both domestically and abroad. We will seek to put a face to these issues through visuals such as posters and a photo campaign, as well as interactive activities throughout the day posing challenges that ask–could you be a NC farmworker?  See life the way a glaucoma patient sees it? Survive without access to life-saving ARV’s? The day will also feature a mural for solidarity and the belief in health and human rights–one which all of the Duke community can contribute to and take action for.

Collaborating Student Organizations: Amnesty International, Unite for Sight, Dream Corps, Duke Students for Humane Borders, Student Global AIDS Campaign, and Universities Allied for Essential Medicines.

Detailed Schedule:

12:30 Upper East Side, Marketplace
Speaker: Emily Butera
11-3 pm
Activities in the Main Quad
Race! Who can carry a bucket of water the fastest
Dream Corps
Shared writing display:
Each person writes a set number of words, one of which must be a key word from a list pertaining to education.
These pages are strung together to make a coherent story.
People contributing to the display use traditional Chinese calligraphy tools.
Unite for Sight
Search for candy wearing glasses which impair vision
phone calls to senators’ offices
Humane Borders
Two Degrees Food
Sampling of nutrition bars
Pill Bottle Activity:
People are given medication for an illness but when they go to pick it out of the closet (which the students are currently making), they see that they can’t afford the pills
5-6 pm in Statue Quad:
Open-mic event for Health as a Human Right!!!!
Mural painting
LoYo truck

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